Telephone Props


Vintage & current cellphones; Huge selection of rotary-dial phones; Tools, test equipment, wire, cable, cords, parts, gadgets, accessories; Vintage & current  office phones; Mickey Mouse, Kermit, Pac Man and other character phones; Custom fabrication, modification & programming; Emergency phones, prison phones, hotline phones, Bat phones, presidential phones


We've supplied a huge number of phones for use as props in movies, TV shows, plays, advertising photography and even store windows.


We've provided telephone props for Warner Bros., Disney, MTV, Gotham, The Boys in the Band, Mad Men, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, House of Cards, Mr. Robot, The Get Down, Mindhunter,  Ellen DeGeneris, Jimmy Kimmel, Nieman-Marcus and more.


If you need something special like two dozen handsets for an amateur production of "Bye-Bye, Birdie," we'll help you.


We can supply passive props or even complete working phone systems.


We have pay phones, weird phones, wooden phones, Bat phones, presidential phones, hotel phones, tools, test equipment, speakerphones, parts, cords, wire, cable, headsets and more. We even have phone booths, a "Lily Tomlin" switchboard, European phones and army field phones.


We can sell or rent, and we'll ship to almost any location in the world.


Our huge inventory includes phones and related items from time periods ranging from the early 20th century to right now.


Please call 1.203.878.8383 or email.


We do custom fabrication, modification and programming. Above: "House of Cards"


Photo above shows a Cisco phone we modified for the third season of "House of Cards." A stagehand can use the control box to activate the lights on the phone.

Heading 2


Photo at left shows phone system fabricated for "Mr. Robot." A saboteur hacker does something terrible to the phone system.


We provide complete vintage and current telephone systems. At left: "Gotham"