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Panasonic voice processor
remote codes

To access your mailbox from outside, when the phone system is answered by the voice processor, wait for the recorded answer to start.

Then press "pound six," and then press "star" plus your mailbox number.

If asked, enter your password and "pound." Follow the voice prompts for various functions.

During message playback, press 1 to back-space to the beginning of the current message, 2 to skip to next message, 3 to erase. Press "star" to exit.

Press "pound eight" to get into Automated Attendant (to call a phone, not a mailbox) from other voice processing functions.

Press "pound six" to get into Voicemail from other voice processing functions. To leave a message for someone else, dial the mailbox number. If you don't know the mailbox number, press #1 for a directory. When you get answered, you can press 2 to stop the greeting, and start recording immediately.

Panasonic KX-TVA50 & KX-TVA200 voice processor FAQs

(Q) When I try to connect my phone system / voicemail system with Panasonic program, I get “can’t open USB port …”, “USB device can’t be found… “ Or a message that is similar.

These messages are usually related to USB device driver issues. You may verify or re-install USB drivers with device manager under your PC’s control panel. There is a much easier way to fix USB driver issues by running the USB Driver Tool, which will install all necessary USB drivers automatically. Note: Each phone system/voicemail requires its own USB driver.

(Q) I get “cannot read administration menu” message when trying to program kx-tva voice mail system with Panasonic kx-tva maintenance PC program tool.

(A) This “cannot read administration menu” message appears when older version of program tool (Ver 1.0) is used to program a kx-tva voice mail system with newer software version (Ver1.1). This problem can be easily corrected by upgrade your PC program software from ver1.0 to the latest version.


(Q) I cannot get into Kx-tva50/200 program by enter the default programmer code 1234 by using the maintenance console program.

(A) The kx-tva50/200 voice mail installation manual (page 86) has INCORRECTLY stated the maintenance console programmer’s code as 1234. The CORRECT maintenance console program code is INSTALLER (uppercase)

(Q) What is the format of the wav file sent from TVA voicemail via email notification ?

(A) IMA ADPCM 8,000 kHz, 4 Bit, Mono.


(Q) I tried to connect my system remotely but the program software returns an error.

(A) The most common issue when connecting system remotely with our program tools is that our program tools support ONLY full function self-supporting modems (equipped with internal processor). Our program tools do not support Win Modems. Most low cost modems or free modems included with PC's are Win Modems.

(Q) I cannot record voice mail greetings.

(A) The two possible causes of prevent the recording of voicemail greetings are your PC is in an interactive program mode with voicemail system OR message manager access from telephone option under System Security is disabled.

(Q) The voicemail answers with dead air and the phone displays “Menu”.

(A) This is commonly caused by incorrect Primary Language setting. In the TVA voicemail program, under System Parameters – Parameters -- Prompt Setting -- Primary Language, make sure it is set for "Guidance No. 1 [English US] " and NOT Guidance No. 2 or 3 [Other Language]. This is an issue with/without menu prompts loaded on the TDA phone system.