• Our modMaster connector kit is extremely versatile and useful. The central "pod" has two 8-pin modular jacks, pus contact points for alligator clips to access any of the eight pins.
  • It makes it easy to connect a buttset, multimeter, tone generator or other test equipment to any pins in a jack or cord.
  • Three patch cords are provided, to make a transition from the 8-pin jacks to external 4-, 6- or 8-pin jacks, and there are also two adapters, to convert from female 8-pin to female 4-pin or female 6-pin.
  • The pod has a convenient clip to hold it in your pocket or tool pouch, and is marked pinouts for USOC, 568A and 658B wiring.

Unversal test kit comes with cords and adapters for almost anything. FREE SHIP

SKU: ECL-900-244