It's easy to put professional soundtracks on your voicemail system, with voices, music and sound effects. And you can do much more, too.


Our telephone handset audio adapter has many uses based on feeding audio signals into a phone line, or recording sounds from a phone line.


  • It is perfect for feeding high-quality audio through a phone to your voicemail system, to record music and voices that sound better than you can get by using the telephone handset. You can produce sound tracks on your PC, or hire a studio to do them for you.
  • It's also perfect for feeding live or recorded audio into a phone line for transmission to another location.
  • It's a passive handset interface ("hybrid") with both professional-style and consumer audio input jacks, separate input and output volume controls, and a selector switch for different types of telephone systems.
  • No batteries or AC power is needed.
  • A pushbutton selects either handset or external audio to feed into the telephone.
  • A three-position switch allows the adapter to emulate electret, dynamic or carbon handset microphone types, to send the proper signal into many different types of analog and digital phone systems, as well as ISDN telephones.
  • The handset adapter does not work with cellular telephones or any Trimline-type telephone with a keypad in the handset.
  1. Simply unplug the handset cord from the base of your telephone and plug it into the adapter.
  2. Then, using the supplied cord, plug the adapter into the handset jack on the phone.
  3. Now connect your microphone, PC, CD player,  tape recorder or other audio equipment to the RCA or XLR input jack.
  4. Use the phone to place a call to the destination, which could be two feet away or many thousands of miles away.
  5. If you are recording into a voicemail system, use the phone's touchtone pad to navigate through the prompts.
  6. When the voice prompt tells you to record, switch the adapter from handset to "Line In", and start playing your soundtrack.




  • The adapter can also be used in "reverse mode," so you can make a permanent recording of voicemail messages or greetings, or record both sides of a phone conversation.

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