The PhoneGeeks SuperSplicer is an ingenious, inexpensive and versatile device used for making a quick and reliable splice of a pair of wires.

  • It's neater than using two "B" connectors, and quicker and more reliable than using electrical tape or wire nuts.
  • It works with all common phone wire sizes, and you don't have to strip off the insulation.
  • It's a great gadget for when you have to temporarily cut and then restore a circuit, for diagnostics or rearranging wires, because you don't lose any of the length of the wires.
  • We've been using these great time-saver for about 20 years on our own installations, and are now able to offer SuperSplicers to our do-it-yourself customers. They belong in every PhoneGeek's parts box. You'll use them for both installation and repair work.
  • It's Tiny
  • The SuperSplicer will work with 22-26 gauge solid conductors. No wire slack is required, and the completed wire joint does not take up much space. A SuperSplicer is only about one inch long, and one quarter inch wide and high, when crimped closed.
  • No Special Tools Needed
  • All you need is a pair of long nose or standard pliers, or a crimper made for 3M "UR" type splicers.

SuperSplicer joins two pairs of wires. Pack of 50. FREE SHIP