• This is not a staple gun for a full-time phone guy, but if you have wires and cables flopping around your office, hanging from nails or stuck with duct tape, this is a good choice.
  • For a small investment, you can make your place look much nicer, improve the reliability of your phone system, data network and video equipment, and lessen the chance of someone tripping and suing for a million bucks.
  • The kit comes with 100 high-quality staples in two different sizes. They'll handle most of the common phone, data and video wire and cable, with either round or flat construction.
  • The staples are made with insulating plastic barriers to cradle the wire and protect it from damage by the metal staple both during and after installation.

"Semi-Pro" staple gun for wire & cable, with 2 sizes of staples. FREE SHIP