• The D914™ Series impact tools are the latest generation in a long line of punchdown tools that go back through three companies: Fluke, Harris and Dracon -- the original supplier to the Bell System.
  • They provide secure connections on the first punch, helping to achieve the highest quality possible on phone system or data network installations. They are the only impact tools that combine torque and impact in one tool. They also include a built-in hook and spudger in the handle. Use the hook to remove wires from any style block or to help trace wires. Use the spudger to remove a 110 cross-connect module from its mounting bracket.
  • Save $70 over separate piece prices.
  • Quick and easy blade replacement, and extra blade storage in the handle. The D914S model has an ergonomically designed handle made with special rubber to reduce impact recoil and hand fatigue. Tested up to 1 million terminations. Lifetime Warranty (not blades). Adjustable impact setting.
  • EverSharp 110 blade (Used mostly for data)
  • EverSharp 66 blade (Used mostly for phone)
  • Combo Phillips/straight screwdriver blade
  • EverSharp blades are Fluke Network's best. They usually outwear standard blades THREE to ONE.

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