• Great for use with our no-dial/no-memory phones.
  • When either phone goes off-hook, the other phone rings. Ringdown module provides dial tone and ringback tone to the calling phone. Phones connect to standard RJ11 modular jacks.

  • Useful for entry doors, guard shacks, campgrounds, hotels, churches, transportation terminals, parking lots, retail, marinas, parks, amusement parks, rental warehouses, etc.

  • You can have up to 2.6 miles of 24g wire between phones.

  • Box requires AC power and can be located near one phone or anywhere between the phones.

  • "DIP" switches and internal jumpers provide various options, such as ring cadence, one-way calling, 5-ring limit, no dial tone, volume boost.

  • Phones are not included.

  • Power line surge protector is strongly recommended.
  • If one phone is located outside your main building, we recommend the combined power and phone line surge protector.

Ringdown Circuit provides instant Hotline intercom between 2 phones. FREE SHIP