• Get a 10-year warranty and keep the flashlight out of your mouth.
  • Paladin improved the design of their SurePunch tool to make it more efficient and even more comfortable to use.
  • The new SurePunch Pro is the FIRST punchdown tool to have a detachable light, making it easy to work in dark cabinets, tight corners and buildings without power. No more holding a flashlight in your mouth as you make connections.
  • The new tool has a shorter handle and a spring mechanism requiring less hand force to actuate. There's a soft, rubber-embedded handle that cushions your hand as you terminate the wires.
  • Blades are available to terminate and cut telephone and data cable in a variety of termination hardware including: 66, 88, 108, 109, 110, BIX™ and Krone™.
  • Detachable light with long-life LED specially designed to focus the light on your work area
  • Luminous intensity of the LED is 2200 mcd
  • Finger grips and non-slip cushioned handle for comfort
  • Multi-use spudger that can be used as a screwdriver or an IDC contact insertion tool
  • Hook to feed wires through holes
  • Pick to separate bonded twisted pair cables or to strip insulation and cut wire
  • Adjustable HI/LO spring compression for all cable types
  • For 28-22 solid or stranded wire and cable
  • Accepts other manufacturers’ twist-and-lock style blades
  • Latch covers blade storage area in end of handle
  • 10-year limited warranty on tool
  • One-year limited warranty on blades and light

Punchdown tool with a HEADLIGHT. FREE SHIP