This is a high quality, professional grade binaural headset ideal for use with EnGenius long-range cordless phones in noisy environments. It's made with the same impact-resistant plastic used in sports helmets and shoulder pads to withstand use in rugged environments like factories, warehouses, construction sites, mines, oil fields, farms and ranches. Despite the heavy-duty construction, it is lightweight and comfortable, with excellent voice quality, and is suitable for general office or outdoor use.

  • Noise canceling microphone greatly reduces background noise so your voice is easier to understand.
  • Microphone windscreen reduces annoying rumble sound that can be caused by wind.
  • High efficiency receiver design means louder volume, so you can hear better in a noisy environment.
  • BINAURAL design with dual earpieces for even stronger received voices, and maximum isolation from ambient sounds.
  • Foam-covered earpieces pivot for comfort.
  • Extremely good voice quality.
  • Adjustable ratchet headband for secure, comfortable fit.
  • Left or right side microphone placement.
  • Equipped with 2.5mm plug to mate with headset jack on EnGenius phones.
  • Flexible "gooseneck" microphone boom easily adjusts and stays in position for consistent voice transmission.
  • Boom is long enough to position microphone close to your mouth for strong vocal output and minimal noise.
  • TWO-YEAR warranty even includes damage from abuse.

    Phone in photo is NOT included.

Premium quality high-output BINAURAL hdst for EnGenius cordless. FREE SHIP