• The SupraPlus headsets are derived from the extremely popular Plantronics Supra series. It's a new generation of durable and comfortable models with more modern styling.
  • New features include enhanced receive audio quality, intelligent flexible boom, and improved stability.
  • With its wider receive-side frequency response curve, SupraPlus provides optimal listening intelligibility, which in turn reduces miscommunications and frustration for both people in a conversation. SupraPlus provides excellent audio quality for traditional voice applications as well as Voice over IP applications.
  • The SupraPlus telephone headset family is backed by a two-year warranty.
  • If you'll be speaking in a quiet environment, you can choose a model with the clear, adjustable voice tube. If you need to minimize transmitting ambient noises and nearby voices, get one with a noise canceling microphone. To minimize hearing nearby sounds, choose a binaural model.
  • The noise-canceling models incorporate an intelligent bendable boom that keeps the microphone properly aligned, even when bent, to permit clear, accurate conversations.
  • FREE "ground" shipping in the USA.
  • Prices include Plantronics amplifier/switchbox

SupraPlus monaural head with noise canceling mic & switchbox. FREE SHIP