• Easy to program to call the pizzeria of your choice. 32-digit capacity.
  • No dial -- once the phone is programmed (by dialing into it), it will call the pizzeria by simply lifting the handset.
  • Easy to re-program if a number changes or for a new favorite restaurant.
  • Powered by telephone line. No AC or battery required.
  • Works with ordinary analog phone line, or VoIP, or cable TV phone service, or in a business or institution's phone system.
  • Easily mounts on standard "RJ11W" wall phone jack.
  • Handset volume control.
  • Comes with six-foot coiled cord.
  • Single-gong ringer with volume adjustment.
  • Five-year warranty.

PizzaPhone with AUTOMATIC dialing calls your favorite pizza place. FREE SHIPPING

SKU: 2554-AD-PZ