• Imagine people's reactions when your bright red phone rings, with Donald Trump's name on the face plate, and you pick up the handset and say, "Yes, Mr. President."
  • At that moment, you are probably the second most important person in the world.
  • Suitable for Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Independents, Whigs, Tories, anyone.
  • This is not an empty shell or a fake phone. It's a real, high-quality phone, ready to plug in and ring.
  • This phone is "passive," normally used for answering, only. It can make calls if used with our BatDialer keypad, or connected to a ringdown circuit or a phone system with automatic dialing.
  • Made in the USA, of course.
  • Another version has internal memory, pre-programmed to call to the White House.
  • Free shipping to any destination in the 50 states.

"Passive" Donald Trump Hotline phone. FREE SHIP