Package comes with three KX-T7731 display speakerphones. You'll save about $300 over individual item prices.


The KX-TA824 is a hybrid design allowing you to connect either Panasonic proprietary telephones or single-line devices such as standard telephones, fax machines or modems to any station port in the system, without special hardware or programming.

It is the first Panasonic KX-T business phone system to offer internal voicemail, and a total of three voicemail options:
  1. Interface with phone company-based voicemail service. Each outside line can be assigned its own voice mailbox.
  2. Optional internal 2-port message card (KX-TA82492), which provides up to 60 minutes of recording time. WE DO NOT recommend this item.
  3. If you require a more fully featured voice mail system with a built-in auto attendant the KX-TA824 can be connected to a Panasonic voice processing system, such as the KX-TVA50, using APITS integration.


Out of the box, the KX-TA824 supports three outside lines and eight phones (3X8 configuration). Up to two additional circuit boards can be installed, for a maximum system capacity of eight lines and 24 phones.
The system has a built-in three-level auto attendant (DISA), making it easer to find a person or department, and saving money and installation time. Voice quality is extremely good.
In addition to passing Caller ID name and number to a Panasonic proprietary telephone, the KX-TA824 can also pass Caller ID to single-line telephones or fax machines. The system has sockets for up to three miniature 3-line Caller ID cards. The first card is a FREEBIE, pre-installed at the factory
You can program the 824 with a display phone, with a PC through either serial (DB9) or USB ports, or remotely by PC through the system's built-in remote programming modem. The system's programming can be saved on a PC for backup and restore.
The USB and serial ports can be live at the same time, permitting simultaneous programming, and logging for call accounting. Free Windows programming software is now available.
The system supports up to four door lock controls and door intercom speakers.
It is extremely easy to install, with simple modular jacks for dialtone and phones.


  • Price includes Windows software, toll-free support, and shipping to any destination in the USA.

Panasonic KX-TA824 expandable package with 3 phones. Feature-rich. FREE SHIP.