Panasonic calls their new KX-T7765 a "premium" door intercom speaker. It's a step up from the all-plastic KX-T30865 that's been available since Velociraptors roamed the Earth, but is less costly than the KX-T7775 with the sexy blue LED that requires a power supply and an electrical box sunk into your wall.

  • Besides its nice brushed metallic finish, the chief reason to buy the new unit is a luminous ring that surrounds the calling button. Unlike other door intercoms with buttons that light up, it does not require a conventional power source -- it gets its power from the sun! Once it's exposed to light for 30 minutes or more, the ring will glow for up to 90 minutes before it fades to black.
  • The light won't help guide midnight visitors, and the duration and brightness varies with the brightness and duration of the light exposure and the ambient temperature. But what the heck, it's free.
  • The KX-T7765 is compatible with Panasonic KX-TA824, KX-TAW848, KX-TDA and KX-TDE phone systems.
  • Requires door intercom module inside phone system control unit.
  • No need to press-to-talk and release-to-listen as with ancient intercoms. Just tap the button to ring phones and then have a conversation.

Panasonic KX-T7765 door intercom speaker lights up for an hour or more after sun

SKU: CKX-T7765