In a response to endless nagging by dealers and end-users, Panasonic is finally offering a step-up from the venerable KX-T30865, which has hardly changed in about 15 years.

  • The new KX-T7775 doorphone, with an illuminated button and choice of optional metal face plates, is compatible with most KX-T systems. NOT for KX-TD308 or KX-T336.
  • The button is illuminated with a sexy blue LED that makes the doorphone and its button easier to find in the dark.
  • The LED needs an AC-powered "power module" installed between the speaker and your phone system control unit ("KSU"). One module is supplied with each KX-T7775.
  • The doorphone can be attached directly to a wall with a surface mount back box that is included with the speaker, or it can be flush mounted on a standard single-gang PLASTIC electrical junction box (not metal!).
  • The optional metal faceplates are really beautiful, and work well with both traditional and modern architecture. They're available in brushed stainless steel (KX-A402) and brass (KX-A401) finishes.
  • Without a metal plate, the visible part of the door phone is white plastic.
  • An added benefit of the KX-T7775 is a second pair of switched contacts, which can be used to activate a standard door bell or chime -- something that many Panasonic customers have wanted for years.
  • If you are not using the extra contacts, the doorphone works on just one wire pair (polarity sensitive), up to 1500 feet from the power module. Previous door speakers were not polarity sensitive. Be careful.
  • The maximum distance from the power module to the phone system control unit is 32 feet.
  • The output of the power module is a modular jack. Most Panasonic phone system intercom circuits also have modular jacks. Nice? Maybe.This arrangement works fine if you have only one door speaker, but if you have several, you might have to get creative. The output of one power module has to go to the center pins (green/red) of the jack in the phone system, and the output of the second has to go to the outer pins (black/yellow). We thank "Early Adopter" Jon Posin for pointing this out. However, if your phone system has two intercom jacks, and you only need two speakers, you can connect one to each jack and they'll function as "Door 1" and "Door 3," and you won't have to do any innovation.
  • The KX-T7775 is about 3-3/8” wide and 5-1/8” high (similar to present KX-T30865). It is just over 2 inches deep with the surface mount housing (deeper than most surface-mount speakers).
  • A microphone sensitivity control is located on the rear of the unit. If you're on a noisy street, you may have to lower it to filter out background noise.
  • Panasonic claims "superior acoustic performance," similar to the speakerphone in an analog proprietary phone. We think it sounds fine.
  • No need to press-to-talk and release-to-listen as with ancient intercoms. Just tap the button to ring phones and then have a conversation.

New Panasonic KX-T7775 door intercom speaker has illuminated button can ring

SKU: CKX-T7775