• There is no worse feeling than discovering that a phone is dead or that your new expensive speaker wire has a short circuit... and the problem is "somewhere" inside a wall.
  • Lots of these problems are caused by nails or screws that were used to attach walls to studs, that penetrated the wires that pass through holes in the studs.
  • Professional electricians know that the National Electric Code requires protective plates to be installed near the holes that wires pass through; but if you're an amateur wire-runner, you might not have known this.
  • Now you know, so you have no excuse.
  • Protect your precious phone, data, audio, video and alarm wiring, and the tubing that feeds water to your icemaker. If you think wire is safe inside PVC conduit, you're wrong -- a drywall screw can easily drill right into it.
  • Our Nail Guards work on both wood and metal studs, and can be installed in seconds without tools (but you can screw or nail them on if you want).
  • Breakable tabs permit multiple plates to be connected for use with double studs.
  • Made of 16 gauge steel to meet section 300-4(b)(2) of the National Electric Code. Has zinc phosphate coating to resist corrosion.

Nail Guards (wire protector plates) for wood, metal studs. 20 Pcs. FREE SHIP

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