• With this unique on-hold adapter, any phone or phone system can have music or message on-hold, even if there is no music-on-hold input jack. Even a simple 2-line phone or "KSU-less" phone system can perform like an expensive corporate communications system.Works with up to two lines and 50 phones, even cordless phones.
  • Four-line model is also available.
  • SUPER CONVENIENT. Use the normal hold button on most phones. Unlike some other adapters, there is no need to press a button on a separate box, or to use special touch-tone key sequences.
  • SUPER EASY Installation takes only a few seconds. Just connect the box to your phone lines and you’re all set. Tap a Hold button, and callers will hear your music or message. You can inform and entertain, and callers will know they have not been disconnected or forgotten.
  • Work with up to two lines and 50 phones.
  • Compatible with corded or cordless telephones. Compatible with features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-way calling, answering machines, etc. (Does not provide Music-On-Hold for the call waiting call). RCA audio input jack. Audio test button and call test functions. Comes with 6-foot 3.5mm (1/8 inch) male to RCA male audio cord, two RJ11 phone cords, manual.
  • FIVE-YEAR warranty.
  • You'll get FREE shipping in the US, plus free tech support.

Digital MOH player for phones with no music input jack. Easy install. FREE SHIP