• AbleComm's Mod-Block is a 66-type punchdown block with 8 two-pair modular cords attached. It plugs into "extension" jacks in Panasonic analog 308, 616, 624, 824 and digital 816 control units, and many other phone systems, and accepts wires from your phone jacks.
  • It is also good for connecting "CO" phone lines to any phone system that uses one- or two-line jacks.
  • Clear snap-on cover is included.
  • AbleComm's Mod-Block provides a reliable, professional method of making connections into a phone system.
  • Very useful for re-using wire from an old phone system -- even one with lots of extra wires.
  • With the Panasonic KX-TD816, you can separate the digital and analog pairs from some or all of the control unit's jacks, and "send" them to different locations, for up to 16 jacks.
  • This block provides connections for 8 4-conductor jacks, or up to 16 2-conductor jacks if eXtra Device Ports are not used.
  • You can also duplicate an analog circuit's appearance -- in an XDP and elsewhere.
  • Punchdown tool with 66-typeblade should be used for proper termination, but you can cheat and use a long-nose pliers.

ModBlock makes it easy to connect lines &phones to control unit. FREE SHIPPING.