If you have to mount a phone jack, data jack, video connector or volume control in an existing wall, we think you'll like these brackets much better than conventional "junction boxes."

They're very easy to install, mount very securely, and give you LOTS of space to work with. The extra space means your wires won't get pinched, and you can maintain large-radius bends for Cat-5 data cabling, coax, or fiber optic cable.

  • Really great with thick multimedia cables.
  • They're wonderful if you have to fish a new wire or cable after you've installed a jack or multi-port plate, because you have a much bigger target than you would with a junction box.
  • We've installed hundreds of these!
  • Provides positive support with locking screws (included). Mounts any standard low voltage device in 1/2" through 1-1/4" thick walls.
  • May be mounted horizontally or vertically.


Jack mounting brackets for existing walls. Pack of ten. FREE SHIP