Our Super Selector Switch makes it easy to switch between a headset and handset, connected to the handset jack on a phone.

  • This is for use with phones and headsets that can provide "direct connect" operation to a handset jack, without a powered amplifier/switchbox.
  • NOT for use with dedicated headset jacks.
  • Handset and headset jacks are 4-pin/4-position modular "RJ22" type.
  • Works great with Panasonic phones.
  • To change from handset to headset, or from headset to handset, just tap a button on the box.
  • With some phones, it may be necessary to raise the handset to use the headset.
  • Selector is passive, with no amplification, adjustments, or need for electrical power.
  • It works with masny brands of headsets.
  • Tiny size: about one inch by two inches.

Headset - Handset switch with modular connections. FREE SHIPPING in the USA.