• Don't expect this buttset (butt set) to survive jumps from helicopters, invasions of distant planets, white water rafting, or falls from phone poles. It does not belong in the back of a truck with bad springs; and if you misplace your hammer, don't use this as a substitute.
  • On the other hand, this is a perfectly good, comfortable-to-hold, full-size buttset with the quality you'd expect from Fluke (formerly Harris). It has all the critical features plus a few extras, that makes it just fine for use in your office or home, or helping out a neighbor.
  • It has both tone and pulse dialing, last number redial, talk and monitor modes, continuous polarity indication, 18-digit last number redial, angled bed-of-nails clips, and electronic ringer. It's hearing aid compatible and has a high impedance monitor circuit that's safe for data circuits. 18-Month warranty. We like it a lot.
  • FREE "ground" shipping in the US.

TS19 Basic Budget Buttset has angled bed-of-nails alligator clips. FREE SHIP

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