• Use this when you can't mount the EnGenius base up high enough for adequate range.
  • It has a clamp to attach to a piece of pipe or antenna mast, but can also be attached to a wall, post, tree or chimney with proper hardware.
  • It's excellent for ranches, farms, warehouses, auto dealers, mines, camps, resorts, parks, oil fields, industrial parks, farms, educational campuses, military bases, etc.
  • Antenna comes with approx. 65-ft. heavy-gauge coaxial cable, equipped with a special reverse thread TNC connector to mate with the base. These connectors are hard to find. Don't plan on cutting the cable and putting a new connector on it.
  • Range depends on antenna height and environmental factors.
  • If you don't need the entire length of cable, stretch it out -- don't leave it coiled.

  • Because of the heavy weight of the cable, the price of the antenna with shipping may seem high.
  • We strongly recommend the use of the EnGenius lightning protector with the antenna.


No Tower? No Problem.
We made a quick-and-dirty antenna mount with an orange bucket (A) and some PVC pipe and concrete from Home Depot, and waited until we needed our warehouse air conditioner repaired so we could borrow a long ladder from Dominic, the AC service guy.

  1. Drill some holes above the concrete so water will drain out of the bucket.
  2. Dave designed and fabricated our bucket, but was chicken to climb up; so Gary (B) fiddled on the roof.
  3. Dominic (left in bottom photo) from Viglione Cooling shows Gary how to extend a ladder, while Dave (C) makes believe he's doing something useful.

External Antenna for EnGenius phones with 65-ft. cable. FREE SHIPPING in the USA


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