• This unit's high-quality audio and up to 140 hours of playback time makes it suitable for background music, storecasting as well as music- or message-on-hold.
  • Installation is super-simple, and it works with any phone system that has a music input. You can use the provided music, get a free or paid-for custom message produced for you, or use the included software to produce your own custom message, with or without music.
  • The unit is extremely well made, with a durable metal housing, and has a three-year warranty. There are no moving parts to make noise or wear out.
  • The flash drive format makes it easy to change messages whenever you want, for example to provide holiday music or to announce special promotions.

- Plays music and/or messages continuously, directly from any USB flash drive ("thumb drive"). A 128MB drive is included.
- To add new audio content, just copy any MP3 file from your PC to the flash drive.
- The included flash drive is preloaded with nearly three hours of great-sounding, fully licensed music and messages. There is no fee to use this music.
- Ready to go, right out of the box. Comes with cables and music.
- Includes MessageStudio software allows you to quickly and easily create customized content from any Windows-based PC.
- Rugged anodized aluminum enclosure built to provide perfect performance in the toughest environments. Can be wall-mounted or used horizontally.
- Continuous playback from any MP3 file.
- Up to 140 hours of playback from any standard 2GB USB flash drive.
- Comes with certificate for free on-hold sound track production, or make your own, or use the production studio of your choice. 
- Trigger switch jack allows connection of momentary switch to restart the audio from the beginning (perfect for audio kiosk applications).
- Built-in monitoring speaker.
- Flash memory retains music and message content even during power loss.
- Auto-start function automatically begins continuous playback after a power outage.
- Volume control to feed proper audio level to your phone system.
- Comes with both RCA and 3.5mm audio cables to connect to your phone system.
- 110/220v switching adapter with US and VDE plug adapters.


Digital MOH player has no moving parts. Uses USB "thumb drive" for long playback

SKU: OHP-8000