• This versatile device allows single-line phones or phone systems to share a phone line "port" with one or two Viking door intercom speakers.
  • Provides two Touchtone-controlled relays to operate door strikes or gate openers and provides TV camera switching controlled by door intercom box.
  • Switch between two CCTV cameras when either door intercom is activated
  • Also works as a line concentrator—one fax machine or answering machine can answer 3 lines
  • Doorbox triggered CCTV switching
  • Custom ringing mode allows you to distinguish doorbox calls from outside calls
  • Calls can be placed on hold when visitors call from the door or when paging
  • Call-waiting tones indicate which door speaker is calling and distinguish a door call from an outside call
  • Provides two Touchtone-controlled NO or NC dry contact closures (5 amp rating) for door strikes or gate openers
  • Keyless entry/postal lock input
  • Built-in talk battery for "no CO line" applications
  • Auxiliary contact output for doorbells, lights, etc.
  • Requires AC power.

Controller module allows 1 or 2 door speakers to share circuit with phone line.

SKU: VK-1000B