• Heavy-duty traditional 60s -era desk phone with dial replaced by blank plate, and bell disconnected if you prefer a silent signal or a buzzer or electronic "BatSignal".
  • Neon light flashes when call comes in. No external power or battery required.
  • Bright red phone with red color lens centered within chrome ring.
  • Some needed components for "classic" Batphones are no longer made. Your phone may contain a mix of brand-new, New Old Stock, and refurbished components. Unless you open it up or turn it over, you would not know it's not all new. 
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Assembled in the USA.
  • Normally used for answer-only, but can make calls if used with a BatKeypad, a phone system with memory dialing, or a ringdown circuit (intercom use).
  • Ask us about accessories and options.
  • FREE "ground" shipping in the USA.

"Passive" Bright red Batphone. Light flashes when call comes in. FREE SHIP