NEW: FOUR IMPROVEMENTS with no price increase:
  • Cord is part coiled, and part straight.
  • Inline volume control.
  • Inline microphone mute.
  • Elegant satin matte finish.
Lots of phones with 2.5mm headset jacks are wimps! Even with the volume turned all the way up, they just don't have enough power to work well with a headset - - especially in noisy environments.
If you're in a quiet spot, you might get by. But if you're using a Panasonic KX-T7600 or 7700 series wired phone, or a Motorola cellphone, or if your home or office is less than quiet, or if you're in a train, airport or convention center, or walking down the street or standing in a park or playground, or sitting in a stadium; you need higher volume to hear what the other person is saying, and to knock out the noise.
We have a great solution.
Our exclusive VoiceBOOSTER headsets are definitely not as sexy as the tiny things many people stick in their ears. They have no bright LEDs, Swarovsky crystals or racing stripes.
But they do have the features and technology that will enable you to hear and be heard even in the midst of mayhem. And they're comfortable, long-lasting and reasonably priced.
  • Our Voice Trap™ noise canceling microphone is equipped with a wind screen like pilots and broadcasters use, to block Mother Nature's noises and your own heavy breathing. The microphone is designed to respond to the frequency range of the human voice, and reject everything else.
  • The microphone is on a long strong, moldable boom which puts the microphone right in front of your mouth. This is the right way to transmit the strongest voice, and the minimum background noise. Pilots, soldiers and racecar drivers don't use tiny ear-mounted headsets -- for good reason. (Short booms may be stylish, but they're lousy for communications unless you're in a very quiet spot.) 
  • The microphone boom is a strong metal gooseneck, yet it is kink-free, very thin, lightweight and flexible. It's like magic. It can be molded to stay in almost any position, and will withstand thousands of bends without breaking. It lets you put the microphone where you need it -- and it will stay there.
  • The microphone is a sensitive, noise-canceling electret design, which suppresses sounds from sources other than your mouth. 
  • The microphone can be positioned on your right side or left side.
  • Binaural (two-ear) design means you hear your conversation partner through both of your ears, and both ears are isolated from ambient sounds. A monaural (one ear) version is also available if it is important for you to hear nearby sounds and voices.
  • The receiver elements ares extra efficient for higher volume. It will give you an extra boost in noisy environments, and work well with phones that have low headset output. You probably won't even have to turn up the volume all of the way.
  • Audio Clarity Technology™ (ACT) and Acoustic Shock Protection provide premium quality sound with safety and comfort. You won't get blasted by a sudden loud sound when you use the MN25.
  • The earpiece can pivot both horizontally and vertically in our GyroFloat suspension. The earpiece in the BN25 is free to float to match the contours of your face. It stays positioned perfectly on your ear, with very gentle pressure.
  • The other end of the headband has a soft pivoting stabilizer with grip ridges. This helps keep the earpiece and microphone positioned properly, with very gentle pressure.
  • The receiver element is MUCH larger than the ones in tiny Bluetooth headsets and earbuds, so they can produce louder volume and they have extended bass response so voices are more natural.
  • The BN25 comes with two ear cushions: foam and leatherette. Wear whichever type you prefer. Or get freaky: change several times a day.
  • The large cushions help to seal out ambient sounds to give you a cleaner, clearer conversation.
  • The BN25 weighs just 2.3 ounces -- less than a small order of fries at McDonalds. It's easy to wear, all day long, with or without eyeglasses. It's so lightweight, you may forget you’re wearing a headset.
  • The BN25 is built to be a 2.5mm headset. There's no clunky adapter or converter which can come apart or snag on something.
  • New cord design is longer, and half coiled, and has integral pod with receive volume control and microphone mute button.
  • The 2.5mm plug is gold plated to minimize corrosion and ensure strong signal transfer for the best possible sound. With the BN25, you'll hear voices, not crackles
  • The cord is equipped with an adjustable clothing clip to help keep your headset on your head as you move around. If the cord gets caught on something, the headset won't fly away or flop on the floor.
  • The BN25 is secure and comfortable, with durable construction to meets the constant demands of all-day use.
  • Our adjustable headband fits comfortably, and stays the way you want it.
The BN25 is an important piece of business equipment, built to last for a long time; it's not a throwaway from the dollar store.


You'll have a "No Questions Asked," abuse or accident, two-year warranty. If it breaks, it gets fixed or replaced, quickly.


We're very proud of this product. It's one of the first to carry AbleComm's HeadsetHouse brand name, and has had multiple improvements with no increase in price.
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