When either phone goes off-hook, the other phone rings. Ringdown module provides dial tone and ring-back tone to the calling phone. Phones connect to standard RJ11 modular jacks.

Useful for entry doors, guard shacks, campgrounds, hotels, churches, transportation terminals, parking lots, retail, marinas, parks, amusement parks, rental warehouses, etc.

  • You can have up to 2.6 miles of 24g wire between phones.
  • Box requires AC power and cn be located near one phone or anywhere between the phones.
  • Phones are guaranteed for five years.
  • Ringdown module is guaranteed for one year.
  • "DIP" switches and internal jumpers provide various options, such as ring cadence, one-way calling, 5-ring limit, no dial tone, volume boost.
  • Specify phone colors (red, black, ash) and desk or wall.
  • Ask us about options, such as armored cords, ring indicator lights, emergency labeling, etc.
  • Power line surge protector is strongly recommended.
  • If one phone is located outside your main building, we recommend the combined power and phone line surge protector.


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