Automatic line sharing: Lets several devices -- such as a phone system, fax machine, credit card terminal and answerer -- share a single phone line to save money.

1. When a call comes in, FaxSwitch answers the call on the first ring, and listens for a tone ("CNG") that identifies an incoming fax.
2. If FaxSwitch detects the tone, it transfers the call to the FAX/MODEM port.
3. If a CNG tone is not detected within four seconds, the call will be transferred to the PHONE and ANSWERER ports.
4. If FaxSwitch detects an access code for the computer modem after answering a call, it transfers the call to the FAX/MODEM port.
  • Works with Caller ID.
  • FREE "ground" shipping in the USA.

Automatic Fax/Voice Switch saves money by sharing a phone line. FREE SHIPPING