• You probably thought it was OK to poke a hole in your wall wall to pass a wire through. It was OK
  • And then you enlarged the hole to add another wire, and another. It wasn't OK.
  • Pretty soon, the wall was crumbling, the wind was blowing through, your dog kept sticking his nose in the hole, your kid hid your keys in the hole, and strange little animals were living inside your wall.
  • We have a much better idea. 
  • Our great AccessAble® is a unique access panel, with a door that has designated drill points and "knockouts" ready for you to cut for telephone wires, computer network cables, video and audio equipment. A large half moon is available for larger clusters of cables and wires -- perfect for use behind an entertainment center or computer work center.
  • The AccessAble panel is also great if you need to provide access to an in-wall wire splice, or even a water shut-off valve, and it can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • AccessAble is produced from precision dies for a perfect fit of door to frame. It's made of corrosion resistant ABS high impact plastic, UV stabilized for outdoor applications. Water-resistant molded corners ensure maximum protection from the elements. The snap-tight locking mechanism eliminates door sag when used on ceilings and helps prevent small children from exploring dangerous areas.
  • Installation is quite simple. Just use the frame as a template to cut a hole in the wall, use a bead of adhesive or caulk to hold the frame in place, and notch the snap-in door to suit your wires and cables.
  • The frame is reversible to allow either flush or surface mounting. In new construction (with 5/8 inch drywall only), you can mount the frame behind the wall, so just a small rim is visible around the door. No lumber framing is required to support it.
  • The frame and door are pebble-grained white, and can be left as-is, or painted to match your walls.
  • You can mount it horizontally or vertically. The opening is 4 by 6 inches. Overall dimensions are 5-1/4 by 7-3/16 inches.
  • Two screwdriver slots make it easy to pop out the cover.
  • AccessAble panels are easy to install, eliminate clutter and allow easy access to what's behind a wall.
  • A great idea! Order a few now, even if you think you'll need just one. You'll find lots of uses for it.

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