AbleComm's Bogen TPU-60B is a full-featured wall-mounted telephone paging amplifier rated at 60 watts. It's our bestselling amplifier.

  • The paging channel is signal-activated and automatically mutes background music when paging from a telephone. The muting level of music during a page is adjustable, and the music gradually returns to its normal level after a page. The paging channel also has a VOX sensitivity adjustment to eliminate transmission of background noise, and features automatic output leveling to maintain constant output.


  • The amplifier incorporates the Aphex® Aural Exciter circuit to regenerate the harmonics lost during the amplification process, resulting in increased presence and clarity, increased intelligibility, greater perceived loudness (with no increase in power), and reduced listener fatigue.
  • Input terminals are furnished for a telephone line and Lo-Z balanced microphone. Terminals are provided for music mute (during mic page), and for activation of the night ringer. Jacks are also provided to bridge two TPU-B series amplifiers to double the number of inputs and outputs.
  • Balanced or unbalanced outputs are available for 16 W, 25V, 25VCT, 70V, and 100V speaker lines. Provision is included to feed a 600 W telephone line, LO-Z input or balanced Mic input of another amplifier, using an accessory transformer (Model WMT-1A). Front panel controls are provided to set telephone and mic page volume, music volume, night ringer volume, VOX sensitivity, music mute level, bass and treble levels, ALC, VOX sensitivity and Aphex effect.

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