• Protects equipment connected to as many as 25 phone lines. Inputs and outputs are on 25-pair Amphenol-type connectors. Input (phone company side) uses a male connector, output (equipment side) is female.
  • Ideal for many phone systems. It plugs into the phone company's RJ21X demarcation, and then the phone system control unit or a punchdown block plugs into it.
  • More convenient than snap-on type protectors, because you can test a line with a clip-on buttset, without removing protectors or disconnecting service.
  • Auto-Resetting technology -- PTC resistors open when a surge occurs, protecting your equipment, but unlike other telephone protectors, the PTCs close again once the surge passes, for less downtime and less service expense.
  • $5,000,000 Connected Equipment Protection Policy -- If protector fails, manufacturer will repair or replace up to $5,000,000!
  • Lifetime Product Warranty -- The surge protector shall be free of any defects in design, materials, or workmanship, and manufacturer will repair or replace any defective product.
  • Clamping Level: 260v
  • Capacitance: 50pf (approx.)
  • Suppression Modes: Metallic & Longitudinal

25-Line surge protector with Amphenol-type connectors. FREE SHIPPING