Here at Headset House, we know the Chameleon headset brand for extreme reliability. The return rate is less than one half of one percent.


Chameleon headsets are highly recommended by those who use them. Lots of people and companies that try one Chameleon, come back for more, and more.


The latest "2030" series builds upon the previous generation's reputation for quality, innovation and value. The Chameleon R&D team designed their headsets to withstand the rigors of 24/7/365 use (and even abuse) . There's a two-year, no-questions-asked warranty and a Rapid Release™ connector system, tested and guaranteed for over 200,000 connections! Chameleons are engineered and manufactured for maximum comfort, durability and sound clarity.


Choose the binaural version on this page if you need to shut out noise and voices, or monaural for most "normal" office environments.


  • No Questions Asked, abuse or accident, two-year warranty.
  • New wideband, extra-large digital speakers with exclusive Audio Clarity Technology™ (ACT) and Acoustic Shock Protection for premium sound performance and safety.
  • Voice Trap™ noise canceling microphone and housing designed to trap only the human voice frequency range and reject everything else.
  • Ultra-reliable Rapid Release™ connector that features spring loaded gold plated contact pins and nylon embedded ABS housing that has been tested and guaranteed to withstand over 200,000 connections.
  • Approx 350° rotating microphone boom with click stops and Memory Boom for perfect positioning of the microphone for the life of the headset.
  • Wear with microphone on either ear.
  • Comes with both foam and leatherette ear cushions, deluxe storage bag, and stick-on headset hook.
  • Matte gray finish with chrome and black accents complements modern phones and office decor.
  • Weighs just 2.5 ounces. You can wear it all day long and not even notice it's on your head.
  • Convenient single cord
  • Clothing clip makes it less likely that the headset will be yanked off your head if the cord gets snagged while you are moving around
  • Rugged Rapid Release connector

Price includes the advanced Odyssey amplifier/switchbox for connecting your headset to phones that do not have headset jacks.

  • Three-year Unconditional Warranty!
  • Built-in jack makes it easy to record your conversations on tape or PC.
  • Packed with features and easy to use.
  • Simple controls.
  • Extremely versatile.
  • Superb sound.
  • Stable on your desk.
  • Includes convenient headset holder (not shown in photo).
  • Your headset plugs into the front to avoid tangles.
  • Exclusive Audio Clarity Technology (ACT™) for the best possible audio performance and hearing protection.
  • Big easy-to-use buttons to select handset or headset, and to mute your microphone.
  • Mute button also activates battery test indicator.
  • Bass boost button.
  • Works with internal AA batteries (included) or with optional AC adapter.
  • Individual controls offer independent adjustment of incoming and outgoing volume.

2032 wideband BINAURAL headset with amplifier/switchbox, Voice Trap™, FREE SHIP