Phone & Data Jacks

Photos are not to scale.

Most of the phone and data jacks we sell are from ICC. The company has a huge and growing product line, is highly innovative and produces products with great reliability and value. We use ICC jacks and associated hardware in our own office, and in many installations we've done. We've had absolutely ZERO failures.


In response to customer requests, we can also provide phone and data jacks from Hubbell. Hubbell is a neighbor of ours in Connecticut, and has a reputation for absolute top quality.

We won't say that a conversation going through a Hubbell jack will sound better than one going through an ICC jack, or that data will flow faster through a Hubbell jack than through a Siemon jack. However, some companies and government agencies specify "Hubbell-only," and no one will deny that Hubbell makes very good products.

The only complaints we ever hear about Hubbell, is that they cost a bit more than other brands. In general, you get what you pay for, and nobody complains about the cost of a Rolls-Royce. If you want an installation with absolutely no doubts about quality, Hubbell will make you very happy.


We can also supply jacks, plates and other items from Systimax. Systimax was originally an AT&T product line, then Lucent, then Avaya, and now it belongs to CommScope.


Next it will probably be part of Disney, Verizon or Wal-Mart.

We also sell jacks and other hardware from SiemonSuttle and other makers. We even have some vintage hardware from AT&T's Western Electric.