Up to 4 lines & 11 phones

10 phones can be cordless


New AT&T 4-line system works with both handheld and desktop cordless phones.


  • Long range.

  • Up to 10 cordless handsets or desk phones.

  • DECT 6.0 for quietness, clarity & range

  • Voicemail, auto-attendant

  • Music- or message-on-hold.

  • Works on VoIP and analog phone lines.



Who do we do it for?
Our typical customer has about a dozen phones. Some have hundreds. Some have thousands. Some have just one phone.
     Our customers include NASA and NASCAR, Allstate and State Farm, Budweiser and Pepsi, Harvard and Yale, Paramount Pictures and Disney Studios, Target and Neiman-Marcus, IBM and Hewlett Packard, FedEx and UPS, the Riverdale Temple and the Church of the Redeemer, Dunkin' Donuts and Sara Lee, CBS and MTV, Boeing and Cessna.
     Mad Men use our phones, and so do Ugly Betty, Ellen DeGeneris, Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Kimmel. We've sold phone systems for a Navy submarine, the White House, Congress and the U.S. embassy in Mongolia. You can have one, too.


What don't we sell?
Fax machines, cell phones, telephone poles.

What do we do? 
AbleComm sells and supports a wide range of phone equipment (including installation tools, testers and supplies) for business and residential use. We concentrate on fabulous phones and systems for business and home use from Panasonic, NEC,  ITT/Cortelco, EnGenius and ATT. Most of our customers install their own phone systems with our support. We can also recommend installers.

Where do we do it?
Our main office is in Connecticut, USA. Our customers are nationwide and worldwide, including Alaska, Afghanistan and Guam. If a truck, plane, boat or mule can reach you, we can help you. (Phone system shipping is FREE to any  destination in the USA.)

Replace your worn out, wrong size and wrong color phone cords and get some spares. Huge stock, ready to ship. CordsForPhones.com



​Most items shown on this website have free "ground" shipping, typically two or three "business" days. If you need something faster, please call us at 1.203.780.1818 or send email.
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Ring-Down Circuit provides instant Hotline intercom between 2 phones, even miles apart. FREE SHIPPING in the USA. CLICK

PIZZAPHONE with automatic or manual dialing. CLICK


NEW! Second-generation Batphone with Bat symbol on faceplate. Red light flashes when call comes in. CLICK

Telephone Props for

TV, theater, movies

We shipped a phone system that was made in Japan to a customer in Japan. We've sold Lucent products to Lucent, a Panasonic phone system to Panasonic, and wire to Verizon Wireless.


  • Life is strange.

  • We ship worldwide. Most orders get FREE "ground" SHIPPING, anywhere in the USA -- even to Alaska and Hawaii.

  • 98% of orders are shipped the same day they are placed (not including orders placed on weekends and holidays, or custom-made items).

  • Tech support is both free and unlimited (for products bought from us).

  • Our customers range from students, entrepreneurs and professionals, to "Fortune 500" companies, educational institutions and government agencies.

  • Our people are experts, with years of experience installing and using most of the products we sell. If we don't have the information you need, we'll get it.

  • We're open from 9am until 6pm, Eastern Time, Monday though Thursday. On Friday, we close at 5.

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  • Why was Kearny, NJ important?

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We can repair most residential corded phones made from about 1950 through 2000, and later. We have parts. CLICK

Hunting: the most misunderstood thing in the phone business. CLICK

Phone Sex: is Jack male or female? CLICK