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EnGenius cordless phones have longer range than any other cordless phone that's legal to use in the US or Canada. Their long range, rugged construction and advanced features make them extremely useful in a wide range of applications where conventional corded or cordless phones won't work.

Up to 32 lines and 99 phones ►Intercom ►Text messaging ►Voice paging ►Heavy-duty ►Water-resistant ►Caller ID ►Hot-swap Lithium Ion battery pack ►External antennas ►Works with analog phone lines, VoIP or other phone system ►Frequency-hopping digital spread spectrum ►Up to 6 hours talk time, 50 hours standby ►Headset jack ►Quick charge ►FREE SHIPPING & SUPPORT

Range has been tested at over five miles in ideal conditions. Typical range is about a half mile to two miles. CLICK to read more about range.


►If you buy an EnGenius DuraFon cordless phone from us, you get free repairs during the first year you own the phone, and discounted repairs after the first year.
►If you buy an EnGenius phone from an unauthorized dealer, you will pay a minimum of $199 for repairs, even during the first year.


EnGenius phones are rugged, but don't assume you'll never need service. You may save a few dollars on the purchase price if you buy from an unauthorized dealer, but if you ever need a repair, you could pay much more than you think you saved.


EnGenius does not allow its authorized dealers to publish all prices online. Please CLICK to request a complete price list to be emailed to you, or call 1.888.225.3999.

Cordless phone range

EnGenius DuraFons have more power and more range than any other phone that's legal to use in the United States or Canada.

Straight-line "open field" range has been tested at over five miles. Typical range is a mile or two.

You can connect one or even two external antennas for additional range and coverage area.

Comments & Info

Numbers are very important to lots of human beings, especially men. The male homo sapiens likes to know that his car has more horsepower, his stereo has more watts, his PC has more RAM, his TV has more inches, and his personal equipment is bigger... than the guy's next door.

With cordless phones, range is the important number, even though it's almost always unimportant. Most people seldom take a cordless handset more than 20 feet from its base. 100 feet will take you far beyond most homes, and a football field is just 300 feet long... yet lots of people are asking for phones that can go a mile or more, particularly for business and government use, and we have them.

It's tough to find a cordless with that kind of CONSISTENT range. The EnGenius cordless phones have the longest range of any cordless phone that can legally be used in the US, and their range can be 1/2 mile to 5 miles or even more, depending on conditions.

That brings us to an important point. Sometimes car commercials brag about gas mileage, and then weasel-out by stating that "your mileage may vary." It's that way with cordless phones, too. The advertised ranges are seldom equaled in the real world, and the same phone may behave very differently in two places, or even in the same place on two different days.

Cordless phones are generally able to maintain an existing conversation at a greater distance than they are able to start a conversation, and can ring at greater distances than they permit talking. With EnGenius DuraFons, you may be able to use text messaging in places where you can't have a verbal conversation.

Most "range-boosting" antennas -- unless designed by the maker of the cordless phone -- are useless.

With all else being equal, phones that operate on higher frequencies are usually better able to punch through dense walls, than phones operating on lower frequencies. HOWEVER, all things are seldom equal, and transmitting power may be more important than frequency.

When you move around while using an analog cordless phone, near the end of its range, you will probably hear a "fluttering" sh-sh-sh sound. In the same conditions, while using a digital phone, you will probably hear clicks.

Tip & Notes

Near the range limit of any cordless phone, slight movements and changes in position can make a big difference in performance. If you put your head between the handset and the base, you may lose the signal, but if you turn to let the handset be in line-of-sight with the base, it may work just fine.

  • An Engenius DuraFon system can cover about 3,000 acres on a farm or a ranch.

  • EnGenius phones are often used in self-storage facilities where they can penetrate through metal doors and thick walls. They provide both outside calls and intercom conversations.

  • Coverage and range are worse in an urban environment than in a rural or suburban area.

  • "Broadleaf" trees (hardwoods such as maple and oak) limit range more than "conifers" (evergreen softwoods such as pine and fir).

  • Range is greater over water than over land.

  • If you can get the base up high, you will probably increase the range.

  • In prison? Fuggedaboud having long range.

  • If you're going to be buried in a pyramid, don't bother taking a phone with you.

  • Vertical penetration inside a building can be 12 floors

EnGenius phone features

An EnGenius DuraFon cordless phone system consists of a base plus one or more handsets and their charging cradles. The base needs electrical power, and a connection to one or more phone lines. Handsets require power for their charging cradles, but no phone wiring.

The DuraFon 1X base works with one phone line, and up to nine handsets.

The DuraFon PRO base can work with up to four lines and 99 handsets!

The handsets use the base for outside calls, and communicate with each other for intercom calls, paging and text messaging.

With its coverage up to 250,000 square feet, the DuraFon is ideally suited for warehouses, manufacturing plants, and large retail environments.

Perfect for IT, maintenance, and security staffs, the DuraFon provides up to 12 floors of in-building penetration for both telephone and intercom calls. A DuraFon also allows staff members to contact each other through PBX extensions or via private two-way intercom, one-way voice announcements, or even text messaging.

Outdoor environments like self-storage facilities, school campuses, auto dealerships, and trucking yards need durability and broad coverage. The DuraFon covers up to 3,000 acres of open area outdoors, and is rugged and water-resistant.

Six times as powerful as the average cordless phone (708mW peak RF output).
More power and more range than any other phone that's legal to use in the US and Canada.
Range depends upon your local environment: typically 12 floors vertically in building, 250,000 sq. ft. in a warehouse, and 3,000 acres on a farm, ranch, car lot or campus (more than 130 million square feet).
You can connect one or even two external antennas for additional range and coverage area.
Straight-line "open field" range has been tested at over five miles. Typical range is a mile or two.
In addition to being a cordless telephone, the EnGenius DuraFon is also a full-duplex 2-way radio (walkie-talkie) which operates independently of the base unit.
With the DuraFon 1X, you can have one phone line and up to nine handsets.
With the DuraFon PRO, you can have up to four phone lines and 99 handsets.
One handset is packaged with each base.
Handsets are shock-absorbent and water-resistant.
Each handset comes with a damage-resistant low profile antenna, plus a longer antenna for maximum range.
The handset sits in a charging cradle that needs AC power, but no phone connection. You can put it anywhere you have power.
A separate base connects to any ordinary analog phone lines, VoIP, or an analog port in a phone system. The base can be used horizontally or mounted on a wall. Adapters are available for connection to digital phone systems.
Full duplex 2-way radio ("walkie talkie") without using the base.
Half duplex voice paging to one phone, several phones, all phones.
Text messaging from phone to phone.
Line status indicator LEDs on base.
Digital Spread Spectrum radio transmission with Frequency Hopping resists noise and provides extremely high resistance to eavesdropping. Frequency changes 100 times per second.
900MHz radio transmission for long range and minimum interference.
Multi-line capability with Durafon 1X (up to four lines when four bases are used, one line per base).
Programmable PBX function soft key.
Fast battery charging: just 90 minutes.
You can keep an optional spare battery charging at all times.
Hot swap: you can change batteries while a call is on hold, without losing the call.
Up to 6 hours talk time.
Up to 50 hours standby time.
Any-key answering, redial, mute, hold and volume control.
Store up to 30 names/numbers for quick speed dialing.
Capable of answering any line if there is more than one base unit.
Caller ID with Call Waiting.
Built-In 2.5mm headset jack.
3.5mm input jack on base for music- or message-on-hold.
Ring or vibration alert.
Each handset comes with low profile antenna, plus larger antenna for longer range when needed.
Optional external antenna for indoor use in warehouses and factories, or outdoor use on farms, ranches, campuses, car lots, etc.
Handset weighs just 6.2 ounces, and measures 6.3 x 2.3 x 1.2 inches with short antenna.

EnGenius Durafon Durability

In durability testing, an EnGenius DuraFon handset worked perfectly after being dropped 50 times onto pavement, from a height of six feet.

Most people couldn't pass that test, and neither could most other cordless phones.

We've sold EnGenius phones for use in many hostile environments, including factories, steel mills, oil fields, construction sites and ranches.

EnGenius tech tips

Analog or Digital?

If a cordless phone is described as "digital," digital refers to the mode of radio transmission between the base and handset, but the phone is still designed to connect to an ordinary analog phone line. EnGenius phones are digital, but require adapters to connect to digital ports in a phone system. No adapters are needed for use with ordinary analog phone lines, or analog ports in a phone system.

Handset Compatibility

SN-900 and SN-920 handsets can be used in the same system. DuraFon PRO, 4X and EP-490 handsets can be used in the same system. A DuraFon 1X system can use only DuraFon 1X handsets.

Multiple Bases or Antennas

If you are using more than one base and/or external antenna in the same area, keep them at least 20 feet apart to minimize ionterference.

How to register a new DuraFon handset to a base unit

1) Power the base unit 2) Power the handset to be added 3) On the handset, press MENU - 6 4) On the Durafon 1X base unit, press and hold the REG button near the telephone line jacks 5) All the LEDs should light up when registration mode is entered 6) On the handset, press 1 7) Handset will indicate successful registration and handset ID will have been assigned 8) Press END to exit to main menu

How to dedicate a DuraFon PRO or 4X line or port to a handset

1) Using an Administrator handset (ID# 10 or 11), press Menu - 9 - 1 - 4 2) Use the handset's scrolling keys (arrow keys) to select the line to be dedicated. 3) Select OFF, this will turn the Auto Attendant off on this line / port 4) Choose YES, for "Dedicate line?" 5) Enter the handset ID number to have access to that line

Antenna Tips

1) If you are not using an external antenna, mount the DuraFon base as high as possible, and clear of any obstacles in the office or equipment room. 2) If the base is mounted on a wall, tilt the antenna downward by about 45 degrees -- don't point it straight up. 3) The external antenna can also be used indoors to provide greater range than you can get with the standard antenna on the base. The antenna can be mounted upside down, if necessary, and hung from the ceiling in a warehouse, garage or even an airplane hanger. 4) if your antenna cable enters your building through a vertical wall, let the cable drop slightly below the entrance hole in a "drip loop" to prevent rain or melting snow from following the cable patch into the building.


1) If a handset can't make or receive calls, pop out its battery pack for a few minutes, and then reinstall. If this doesn't help, use the tip of a ballpoint pen to press the reset button on the base (while power is on). LEDs will flash to show that the reset has occurred. Then re-register handset(s) with the base.

2) If you are not getting as much range as you think you should, and suspect that there may be a problem with the base or external antenna, test using a different handset, and also test range from one handset to another. Handset-to-handset range should be about 75% of the range from base to handset.

Resetting a DuraFon 1X handset (settings):

Press menu, then * # # * then 7 (Factory), then 2 (Keep Registration). The screen will say "cycle power" press the left soft key for OK. After this you will turn the handset off with the bottom left power key and then back on with the same key.

Resetting a handset registration without a base: Press menu, then * # # * then 7(Factory), then 1 (clear all). The screen will say "cycle power" press the left soft key for OK. After this you will turn the handset off with the bottom left power key and then back on with the same key. The screen should say, "Please register" with an ID of 00.

Resetting the base: First power-up the base for at least 15 seconds. Now locate the reset button. The reset button is near the phone lines plug in on back of the base unit, and next to the register button. Hold this button down until all four green LED lights illuminate on and off. This will happen quickly. The base is now reset. This means registration information now starts back at "11".

Deregistering a handset

First power-up the base for at least 15 seconds. Press and hold the register button (REG) on the base, until all four green LED lights illuminate. Then on the handset press menu, followed by 6 (register), then 2 (deregister). The handset will display "Deregister" The ID of the handset is now removed from the base and the handset.

Using more than one base (linked):

The Durafon 1X system allows you to use multiple bases, and therefore more than one line. To add additional base units, first register all handsets to the primary base originally used in the system. Next get an administrator handset (ID 11, or 12) and the additional base unit you plan to add. First power-up that base for at least 15 seconds. Next press and hold down the register button (labeled REG) on the base until all four green LEDs light up. Next, press MENU on the handset followed by 6 (register) 3 (add base), and then choose 20 (for base #2). Note additional bases 3, and 4 can be done the exact same way, however their base numbers would be 30, and 40 accordingly.

**Note, unlike the EnGenius SN-920 model, all DuraFon 1X handsets that were originally registered to base #1 are automatically registered to the additional base as well.

Seeing which line is available

From a DuraFon PRO or 4X handset, you can see which lines are available for use.

Go to Menu, #5, and then #8 (which is the option to turn line selection on or off). By default, it is off.

By turning it on, the handset will prompt you to choose which one of the four possible lines are available.

When you press "Talk" you will now see a display of the lines. For example: 1,3,4.

Try before you buy

Performance of any cordless phone varies with the environment it's used in.

While EnGenius phones have longer range than any other cordless phone that's legal to use in the US, its range can't be guaranteed.

To help you to decide if EnGenius is right for you, we are pleased to offer an evaluation system that you can try in your own location.

Although the kit includes a single-line base (DuraFon 1X), the range and voice quality will be the same as larger DuraPro.

Here's what's in the evaluation kit:


  • One DuraFon 1X base with transformer and line cord.

  • Two DuraFon 1X handsets, each with two antennas, one battery, charging cradle, and transformer.
  • One shipping/carrying case.
  • One instruction manual


  1. The kit does NOT include the external antenna. If you want to approximate the performance of a system with the external antenna, use one of the wireless handsets where you intend to mount the antenna.

  2. AbleComm will not be held liable for any damage or loss caused by the use, misuse or abuse of any product we sell, loan or rent.

  3. The fee for use of the evaluation kit for up to 14 days, is $50 in the 48 contiguous states, or $100 for Alaska or Hawaii. These fees are nor refundable, and partially compensate us for what we pay to the credit card companies, and for transportation to you.

  4. You will be charged the $50 or $100 fee, PLUS $1100, to receive the kit. If the kit is received back at our warehouse within 14 days of your receipt, in good condition, the $1100 will be refunded to your credit card.

  5. If any parts are missing or damaged, your refund will be reduced by the appropriate amount.

  6. If you purchase an EnGenius system from us after trying our evaluation kit, you will receive a FREE HEADSET, normally sold for $34, for use with EnGenius phones.

  7. The $50 or $100 fees are not refundable. We will pay to ship to you. You will pay to ship back to us. To order the evaluation kit, please call us at 1.888.225.3999. We have a limited number of evaluation kits, and if they are all in use, there will be a delay before we can ship to you.