Call Recorders

■ How often have you wondered "what did he say?"
■ How often does someone say "can you prove it?"

With our call recording gadgets, you won't wonder, and you can prove it!

For years, people asked us for equipment to record phone calls.


Originally, we used magnetic couplers that had suction cups that stuck onto the phone and plugged into a tape recorder. Later there were gadgets that allowed a cassette recorder to connect directly to phone lines, and eventually there were some that could use PC sound cards. Most of them were inconvenient to use, or sounded lousy, or both; and they made it hard to keep track of what was recorded. Few could work with digital phone systems.


Now we have two superb solutions.


The need for call recording is increasing, as we make more transactions over the telephone, and we have an increasingly litigious society.

  • Customer Service Quality Monitoring - recording calls ensures best practice, lets staff share good examples and learn from mistakes, and even ensure that the telephone system is being used efficiently and properly.

  • Transaction recording - record critical information to ensure accuracy of transactions. This could be for internal confirmation of details, but is more often needed to establish who is at fault when a problem occurs and which party bears the cost of rectification. This also can relate to advice, such as a medical or financial consultation. Call recording becomes more important as the stakes become higher.

  • Compliance Monitoring - ensure industry regulations are met. Companies in fields such as financial services are required to record calls to prove to a regulatory body that they are complying with the standards of that body, and to provide an audit trail if there is a complaint.

  • Security Alerts - record bomb/violence threats and verbal abuse. Unfortunately, the telephone can be a source of an unpleasant experience, so recording calls can be a deterrent to, or evidence against, an abusive or threatening caller.

  • Customer Service Desks - A call recorder is a great training tool. Move it around to different agents to monitor activity from time to time.

  • Operator Positions - monitor how callers are being answered and transferred.

  • Conference Calls - record important discussions and decisions.


Telephone Recording Law: ■ US Federal law requires that one person being recorded is aware of the recording. ■ Some states have other requirements. ■ We don't offer advice regarding the legality of call recording. ■ If in doubt, consult a competent attorney.