Music & Messages on Hold

Putting people "on hold" is an unfortunate but unavoidable part of communications, because it's impossible to help everyone immediately.

►An estimated 70% of business callers are put on hold, and 60% of them hang up and 30% don't call back.
►If your callers hear nothing while on hold, they may think they've been disconnected. Most callers who hear nothing on hold, hang up within 40 seconds. 
►Callers who receive information and music on-hold will wait up to 3 minutes longer! 
►If you use a radio as a sound source, your callers may be annoyed by static, irrelevant traffic reports, and commercials -- even commercials for your competitors.
►If you use a radio or ordinary music CD, you could be fined up to $100,000 for copyright violation, and go to jail!

We have several good alternatives, including generic "royalty-free" music on hold CDs with various types of music and periodic "thanks for holding" messages, digital music on hold players and continuous-repeat music on hold CD players, high-quality custom music on hold recordings that promote your company's products and services, plus devices to provide music and messages with any phone or phone system.

  • Our equipment, recordings and services allow even the smallest business to sound like a giant corporation; and to keep callers entertained and informed.

Why use messages?

  • An estimated 70% of business callers are put on-hold, of which 60% hang up. 30% do not call back! 

  • A staggering 84% of callers prefer on-hold messaging to other options! 

  • 90% of callers with silence on-hold hang up within 40 seconds. Music on-hold adds another 30 seconds to the hold time.

  • Callers with information and music on-hold stay on-line up to three minutes longer! 

  • 15 to 35% of callers purchased additional items or services as a result of something they heard on-hold. 

Research is from AT&T, North American Telecommunications Association, US West, Nationwide Insurance, and Maximarketing Studies, compiled by Marc Lyman of Flashpoint Solutions.

What kind of music?

From an article written by Bruce Hedlam and published in the New York Times on 4/22/99:

  • People over-estimate the amount of time they spend on hold.

  • Men reacted most favorably to classical music and estimated the wait as the shortest.

  • Women perceived the classical music wait to be the longest.

  • Women preferred light jazz, estimating that wait as the shortest.

  • Baby boomers did not like listening to rock oldies while on hold.

According to researcher James Kellaris, an associate professor of marketing at the University of Cincinnati, familiarity may breed contempt. ''The women may have been more familiar with the classical music,'' he suggested. ''When people hear part of a piece of music they know, they infer the whole piece. So they think that they were on hold longer.''

Dr. Kellaris joked that companies might offer music choices: ''If you are male, please press 1. If you are female, please press 2.''

Flashpoint Studios is a digital audio production company that specializes in custom on-hold messages. We distribute our productions on compact discs to ensure the highest quality possible, and offer complete packages that include everything you need for messages on hold.


Our productions can incorporate male or female professional voice talent as well as a wide variety of music from our licensed library, and sound effects. We do not take a "cookie-cutter" approach -- our scripts are custom tailored to your company's goals and preferences. 


The Flashpoint Studios website has dozens of Real Audio samples of our musical styles and professional voice talents, who have worked for such companies as Microsoft and Marriott Hotels. We can also demo material by phone at (toll free) 877-FLASHPT, or 619-220-0065.


Flashpoint Studios ships worldwide and offers free evaluations and estimates.

We won't be happy until you're thrilled with your production, and we can demo it by phone before shipping to ensure your complete satisfaction. Flashpoint Studios offers discounted updates at any time as well as discounts for companies with multiple locations. References are available. 

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