The AT&T brand is one of the oldest in the telecommunications business, going back to Alexander Bell. For most of the brand's history it was tightly linked to the "Bell System."

That system disappeared at the end of 1983. Since that time, because of mergers, acquisitions and licensing deals, the AT&T name and logo have been used by many companies for a huge number of products and services.

Fortunately, the situation finally stabilized and the AT&T brand now appears on some innovative, reliable and cost-effective products that we are pleased to recommend and sell to our customers.

The new SynJ (pronounced "sin-jay") phone system from AT&T provides features and performance that we and our customers have been asking for, for years.


Here's what's most important:

  • Works with up to four lines and eleven phones.

  • You can have a mix of cordless handsets and cordless desktop phones.

  • Long range, that can be made even longer by using repeaters.

  • Automated attendant with different messages for each line, if you like.

  • Remote notification to cellphone or pager of messages recorded in the "general delivery" mailbox.

  • There is no central control unit ("KSU"). Installation is fast and easy with no special tools or training necessary. You need phone wiring only at the base phones. Other phones just need electrical power.


The basic package consists of one base phone and one cordless handset (#1 at right).

You can add up to nine more cordless handsets (#2) or cordless desk phones (#3), or a mix of both types.

You can use one cordless headset (#4), which will reduce the number of cordless phones you can use.

You can use up to six repeaters (#5).

Protective holsters (#6) are available for the cordless handsets.

Each handset provides line status and message-waiting indication plus caller ID and call waiting information on a large lighted display. Mobile employees have easy access to push-to-talk intercom, call transfer and 3-way conferencing as well as the choice of handset, headset (optional add-on) or speakerphone operation.

Repeaters can extend the range of the cordless handsets. The SynJ DECT 6.0 cordless handsets can operate up to a half-mile from the corded base with optional SynJ repeaters. The base supports up to six repeaters with no wired connection to the base. Just plug them into AC outlets. Two repeaters can be linked in sequence with each base, offering up to 980 feet of additional range per repeater. By linking repeaters together, you can extend the range of the wireless signal up to 2940 feet.

Active calls will be handed off from base to repeater to repeater as people move around.

The AT&T TL7600 cordless headset provides hands-free mobility of up to 500 feet when paired with the corded base.

Push-to-Talk intercom eliminates delays and distractions by providing instant communication with any phone or all phones.

Phone Facts & Features
• Use one, two, three or four lines.
• Start with base phone and one cordless handset. Add up to nine more cordless phones, for a maximum of 11 phones.
• You can use one TL7600 cordless headset, which counts as a phone.
• Use up to six repeaters to increase coverage areas and extend range from base phone
• Two types of cordless phones: handset, or desk phone.
• Works with analog phone lines, VoIP or cable company phone service.
• You can have different phones ringing on different lines.
• DECT Zero Blind Slot digital technology allows use of all 10 cordless phones simultaneously
• Push-to-talk intercom—from base to handset, and from handset to handset
• Page, intercom and call transfer between phones
• 10 Speed Dial and 10 Intercom Number locations
• 3-Party conferencing
• Handsfree speakerphones in all phones
• Selectable automatic line selection
• Music- or message-on hold with supplied music or your own recording
• 4 lighted line indicators
• 7 selectable ring tones
• Volume controls for handset, speakerphone, headset and ringer
• Last 10-number Redial
• 100 Name/Number phonebook directory
• Music on hold is provided, or you can record your own.
• English/Spanish Setup Menus
• Mute
• Redial
• Hold
• Chain dialing lets you send out several sets of digits in sequence.
• 2.5mm headset jacks
• Caller ID/Call Waiting Capability
• 50 Name/Number Caller ID history
• Large blue lighted display
• New Call/Message indicator
• "Remove" button to delete messages, Caller ID records and more
• Auto Attendant on each line with up to five different recorded greetings and a recorded list of extension numbers
• General delivery mailbox with remote notification
• Individual voicemail boxes for each phone
• Call screening
• 180 minutes recording time
• Remote access with programmable options
• Call Screening/Intercept
• Memo Recording

Range test was performed by Wyle Laboratories, an independent commercial test facility. "Up to 980 feet" repeater range and "up to 500 feet" cordless headset range refers to the maximum open field range. Actual range may vary depending on intervening obstacles. Maximum operable range distances are based on all-indoor use.

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We had a clear conversation with the handset about 400 feet from the base phone. When we installed the repeater at a distance of about 300 feet from the base phone, we were able to use the handset about 250 feet from the repeater. We could not go farther because we were blocked by a building, but we think the maximum range would have been greater.

The test was made in an industrial park on fairly level ground, with multiple cinder-block buildings. Weather was clear and temperature about 50 degrees. Both the base phone and the repeater were indoors. Your mileage may vary.


The playing field on an American football field is 300 feet long.