AT&T Syn248 phone system

The strangely named AT&T Syn248™ phone system is specifically designed for easy do-it-yourself installation at small- and medium-sized businesses (or large homes).


  • It initially works with one or two phone lines and up to 24 phones, and can be expanded to double that capacity (4 x 48).

Important 21st-century features include the ability to integrate into an existing network and convenient management through a web-based user interface.

The Syn248 is unmatched in price for performance, enabling startups, small and medium businesses to do more for less. With only four components to consider, the system is easy to set up, eliminates the need for extra cabling with its dual-port Ethernet connection and requires no additional hardware or add-on components to expand the system or configure features. Perfect for companies looking to replace small legacy PBXs and Key Systems, the Syn248 can support 24 users straight out of the box with all of the functionality needed to maximize productivity.

The Syn248 is scalable to grow with the business by easily adding a second "brain" for up to eight lines total. The lines can be traditional analog "POTS" lines from a telephone company, or analog lines delivered from a VoIP service provider such as a cable TV compamny.

The system is easy to manage with intuitive web-based administration capabilities and sophisticated call routing, using up to four built-in auto attendants to customize recordings for each department or division of the company or for multiple companies sharing a the phone system. Simplifying call management, the auto attendant enables dial-by-name inbound call routing, as well as the option to reach an operator as needed. Additional features include:

Built-in voicemail with 30 minutes of recording time for each phone The ability to store up to 100 contacts in the system phonebook and 50 contacts per phone for efficient calling Do-Not-Disturb feature to avoid meeting interruptions Flexibility to customize auto attendant to deliver on-hold messages or to manage calls by time of day (e.g., day or night). The Syn248 system enables simplified communications and avoids complicated programming.

The Syn248 is backed by free customer service and a limited two-year warranty, with unusual advance replacement on phones to reduce interruption of business operations.


  • Support for 24 phones out-of-the-box

  • Up to 8 analog lines (4 per "brain")

  • Works with your network switch

  • Multi-line appearances

  • Large backlit displays

  • Easy web-based administration

  • User customizable buttons on phones; pre-configured with commonly used and convenient features

  • Built-in voicemail, with 30 minutes recording time 50/100 station/system phonebook

  • Built-in auto attendant with custom recording of on-hold message

  • Dial-by-name (first or last) functionality and operator selectable day and night modes

  • Limited 2-year warranty

  • Free shipping in the USA

  • Two phone models available

  • Wireless headset available