About Us

AbleComm is a family-owned company, in business since 1977.


We're based in Milford, CT, about 60 miles northeast of New York City.

Milford is a beautiful old New England town, with miles of beaches, good shopping, good eating, plus the headquarters of AbleComm, Bic, Schick and Subway. (Actually, Bic moved across the river to Shelton in 2008, but a Bic lighter factory is still here in Milford.)


We specialize in helping do-it-yourselfers. We ship worldwide, from multiple locations. Tech support is both free and unlimited for products bought from us. Our customers range from students, entrepreneurs and professionals, to "Fortune 500" companies, educational institutions and government agencies.


We provide phone system installation and service in CT, and can recommend installers in some other areas.


We have multiple websites, a huge range of products, and friendly, free help. Our people are experts, with years of experience installing and using most of the products we sell. If we don't have the information you need, we'll try to get it.


We're open from 9am until 6pm, Eastern Time, Monday though Thursday. On Friday, we close at 5.


Most orders get FREE SHIPPING, anywhere in the USA—even to Alaska and Hawaii. 98% of orders are shipped the same day they are placed (not including orders placed on weekends and holidays, or custom-made items).


We've been in business for over 40 years and we became the biggest Panasonic phone system dealer in the world. We also sell other fine brands, including NEC, EnGenius and, AT&T. We're known for good advice, good prices and great phones.

  • BUILD NEWS declared that AbleComm is the Best Phone Equipment Specialist, 2017 - USA

  • PC Magazine said this is an "Indispensable site."

  • AbleComm has been recommended in the Telecommunications Industry Association instructor's guide.

  • We earned the highest FIVE STAR rating for "top service" and "superlative quality" from Yahoo.

  • Telephony Design said we are "Highly recommended as a starting point for anybody who is in the market for a new phone system."

AbleComm was founded as Your Own Phone, Inc. and started installing phone systems in the NY/NJ/CT metropolitan area in 1977. Since 1991, we've sold phone systems at discount prices to online customers who want to install their own, or arrange for local installation by others. We've even supplied Panasonic phone systems for the White House and a nuclear submarine; and we sold a Panasonic phone system to Panasonic.

Michael N. Marcus is founder and president.

We frequently compare our company with other dealers on the Web, and we urge you to do so.

  1. When you call AbleComm, you can talk to someone who has substantial experience installing and using the products we sell, not just an order-taker.

  2. Our Web business is our main business. We're here to help you, 9 hours a day.

  3. We know what's good and what's not. We're very careful about what we choose to sell. We don't sell junk!

  4. We're independent—we sell products made by many companies. Our prime loyalty is to our customers, not to a parent corporation.

  5. Our prices are low.

  6. Our product selection is huge.

  7. You can shop the way you want, when you want: by  phone call, or by fax, email or snailmail.

  8. We provide free shipping with most items sent to US addresses, including AK and HI.

  9. If you buy from us, you're starting a relationship, not just making a transaction. We're here to help you, now and in the future. If we don't have the information you need, we know where to get it.

  10. We accept all major credit cards, including American Express and Discover. You can also use PayPal.

  11. Our tech support is free and unlimited (for equipment we sold). Calls for tech support are toll-free! (in the USA).

  12. We specialize in helping do-it-yourselfers; and we have the knowledge, tools and hardware to make your phone system installation easy, reliable and useful.

  13. We've been in the phone system business for over 40 years, and have outlasted a great many competitors.

  14. We can ship fast—usually the same day.

  15. We're usually the first to have important new products, and often the only place to get important discontinued items.

  16. When you buy a phone system from us, you get the full set of manuals. Many dealers don't have all of the manuals, or charge extra for them.

  17. Over 100 competitors like our websites so much, that they have illegally copied our work to use on their websites.

For information about shipping charges, taxes and company policies, please click on "shipping" up above, or call us.


We are not a wholesale distributor (but many of our prices are lower than competitors' phony wholesale prices). If you are a phone system dealer, you probably don't need us. HOWEVER... if you are not a phone system dealer but are in a related field, like home automation or audio/video or data networking, and need a phone system for a client, we will be glad to sell to you and provide free tech support.

What makes us so good?

Sadly, it's very easy to become a "phone system dealer" or "telecommunications reseller."


Many companies selling phone equipment do nothing other than take your money and ship out a box. They know nothing about the products they sell, sell the wrong products, leave out vital items and are incapable of providing proper support.


Buying a phone system is not like buying a shirt or a shovel. Phone system buyers need knowledgeable, experienced sellers who can help them.


Some people who sell phone systems have never used them, seen them or touched them. One company offers gift wrapping on voicemail systems and also sells cat litter. That's ridiculous.


AbleComm, Inc. has been in business since 1977. We are experts, trained and certified by the makers of the products we sell. We are phone geeks who understand and like technology. There is no bureaucracy at AbleComm; and there are no salespeople fighting each other, running for the door at the end of the day or pushing products that customers don't need.


When AbleComm began in 1977, we installed and serviced phone systems in the NY/NJ/CT metro area.

In the mid-80s, we sold a few phone systems online—pretty much by accident—to do-it-yourselfers our boss met on CompuServe, an early online community.

When Internet use exploded in the mid-90s, we established several websites, including the first version of the one you are now reading. Our initial success came from selling phone systems and installation tools and supplies to do-it-yourselfers. Our commitment to the D-I-Y market helped us to become the biggest Panasonic phone system dealer in the world.

  • We realize that not everyone is capable of or interested in installing a phone system, and many of our customers never touch a screwdriver. Some of our customers find nearby installers. We can also recommend qualified installers in many areas.

  • Wireless phone systems provide many of the functions of a traditional wired phone system, and can be installed by almost anyone in a few minutes -- with no special tools or training.

Please read this:

"I wanted to write a quick e-mail to the owner of this company to thank him for a very satisfying experience in doing business with Ablecomm. Additionally I offer my name as a reference for any future customers you potentially may have, who are nervous about doing business with you over the Internet.

I was at first nervous about parting with over $3,000 over the Internet, for a phone system from a company that I have never ever done business with before. Not only that, I'm on the West Coast and Ablecomm is on the East Coast. Prior to placing my order it occurred to me if I became upset about Ablecomm's service it would not have been possible to go and knock on their front door and voice how upset I was and get my money back.

Fortunately my experience with Ablecomm was flawless.

I received all of the merchandise I purchased within a few days of placing the order. I had never set up a phone system before and therefore obviously knew nothing about how to do this. The technical support department, especially David, always solved my problems and patiently walked me through what I had to do.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ablecomm. It's nice to know that there are still companies out there who give excellent customer service even after taking your money.

I'm very happy with my Panasonic phone system. Thank you Ablecomm."  Alan F.

Price Matching

"not the cheapest, but the best"

We are often amused when someone asks if we will match the price charged by another company.

Price matching makes no sense.

If AbleComm's price for something is $183, and someone else will sell it for $180, why not just buy it from them and save the three bucks?

When we ask why the prospective purchaser didn't simply buy from the other company, there are two types of answers:

(1) "The other company doesn't have any." Well, gee whiz, if we didn't have any, our price would be just three cents. But we do have the item in stock, for immediate shipping, with unlimited tech support, and our price is fair.

(2) "I'd rather buy it from AbleComm."

This is by far the most common response. Most people would rather buy from AbleComm because of our service, knowledge, experience, honesty, huge inventory, fast shipping, free tech support, etc. We've been in this business since 1977, and our unmatched experience is worth a few bucks more to most people.

Our prices are certainly not high. In many cases, we charge less than other companies with terrible reputations, little experience and no support.

Here's what our customer Tim W. said: "I am so pleased with the service and support I’ve received from your company. Your staff knows the product inside and out, and is courteous and patient. A colleague recommended you, and said “they’re not the cheapest, but they’re the best!” How true—you ARE the best! Sometimes we become too focused on the initial (perceived) cost of products. We sometimes view everything as a commodity, where its value is judged solely by its purchase cost. This is a mistake. Companies like yours prove that the real bottom-line includes much more than the purchase price. Thanks for providing great products, and having such superior support—you are our source for ALL phone and telecom needs!"

Now that we've told you how we feel and how Tim feels, if you still think a price is too high, it can't hurt to ask us if we can save you a bit more. We can often offer quantity discounts, and a discount on a complete phone system. We'll do our best to make you happy.